Who the Hell is Buying This, Zulily?!

By natashamiller

February 21, 2018

A Summary of Zulily’s Fall “Favourites” and “Best” Steals


Firstly, I don’t consider myself a fashionista or trendy by any means. I do, however, like to keep an open mind when it comes to fashion and trends. For example, I believe velvet is back in fashion and, with enough imagination and done right, I may consider purchasing one such item. But sometimes, I just don’t get it! Cue the purpose of this post.

Like most people, I enjoy a good deal so I subscribe to websites and apps like Zulily. Majority of the offers are great and I seriously consider taking advantage. But there are times when I scroll through their galleries and think, “What the hell were they thinking?! Who is buying this?!”. Visions of soccer moms next to the field, or meandering through the grocery store come to mind, because most of these certainly aren’t work appropriate. So where are people wearing these things to?!

Just to be clear, I am referring to their generic galleries where the “average” person (in terms of fashion and trends, not size), would be shopping. I know they have some specialty galleries too but those are specific to a person’s style choice and, as mentioned before, I try to keep an open mind about that. No, these gems I found are buried with the more traditional/conservative items. Here were some of my favourites:



If you are considering purchasing or have purchased any of these items, please let me know how it works/worked out. I love a good fashion education. In the meantime, I will be over here, in my corner of the internet, chuckling away!

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