Project: Slime Time

My son LOVES slime, or as he calls it “Yuck”. He loves to touch it, play with it and hide toys in it. When we were walking through Michaels, he saw a make-your-own slime kit, picked it up and dumped it in the cart. I went with it because he loves it so much.

When we got home and I opened the kit, I realized this wasn’t the best option. You mix this compound with water and then you add this, that and the other – it was just too complicated and the ingredients, unrecognizable. It was also expensive!

I decided there had to be a better option so Pinterest to the rescue! Homemade slime is such a trend now that there’s ample product out there. There are also A LOT of recipes and a lot of them are the same. I followed this recipe and it worked out great. They make a lot more than I care to make so I played with the measurements and managed to come up with some pretty good slime.


Ingredients to make slimeThese were my rough measurements:

7oz white glue

4oz glitter glue

1tbs baking soda

Additional glitter or confetti – I used stars

2tbs contact solution – I added more as I went.

As per the directions on the website: combine both glues into a bowl. Add baking soda and mix it all together. Next, add your extra decorative feature before adding the contact solution. Add contact solution until desired consistency is obtained. I prefer a more solid slime consistency so I add a lot – 3-4 tablespoons full.


Slime Directions


Additional Slime Tips:

Blue slime
This slime used a blue metallic paint. No stained hands!
  • Instead of food colouring (which stains your hands) you can use paint.
  • I used glitter glue in the recipe above but you can also use just regular glitter.
  • Make sure to add the paint or confetti before you add the contact solution. Contact solution bonds everything together. Otherwise you will just end up with a mess.


Let me know of any additional additives that would make for fun slime!

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