Project: Marvel Universe Crochet Kit.

By natashamiller

February 21, 2018

Attempting Arugami.


From a toddler’s point of view, the box should at least contain a completed Spiderman doll.

This Marvel Universe Crochet Kit was my first ever attempt at Arugami. My son insisted that I buy the kit (thinking the characters were in the box, but still). I, on the other hand, thought it would be a fun challenge. I also had a great reason to finish: he would love it. We bought our kit at Michaels (massive mark-up alert) but it’s available on Amazon too. This kit contains everything you need to complete Spiderman and Captain America. It’s only missing one thing: someone to do it for you!

This was not a good project for me. I am, at best, a beginner crocheter. I have dabbled in crocheting many times in my life and promptly given in if the project was too challenging.

Everything you need to complete Captain America and Spiderman.

Full disclosure: I ended up giving up after 2 days. I know that sounds pathetic but honestly, the needle is small, that yarn is fine, my house is dark – serious challenges for a beginner. Additional disclosure: I just want to pick things up and be done with it. I am not into long term projects. Painting requires paint to dry… who has time for that :P.

My husband rarely loses patience with me, but crocheting can be a contentious issue. I rarely read the instructions/finish watching the videos before I jump right in.  But seriously, I have watched multiple YouTube tutorials as well as re-read the directions over and over again. The instructions aren’t great and you definitely have to be able to speak “crochet” fluently. There are definitions and pictures in the book but when you’re not sure what you’re doing, they aren’t as helpful as the author intended.

If you are a more intermediate crocheter, you will crush this out in a couple of hours! When I do have time to sit down and seriously try (which a toddler crawling all over me), I can get pretty far. But between constantly adding stitches (in error), or dropping stitches, I have lost my patience. I need to move on. If you are working on this or read this inspiring post (:P) and decided to give it a try, maybe check out the Star Wars Kit. That one looks good too – emphasis on the LOOKS!

There were too many stitches in the end so I had to redo the legs. I tried another 7 attempts before giving up.

I hope one day to post pictures of the completed characters. There is enough enough wool for Spiderman and Captain America (included in the kit), as well as additional wool I purchased Hulk and Thor. I don’t know what on Earth possessed me to think I could handle a Thor doll. Hulk looks manageable at least. Maybe a Hulk doll will appear soon! We’ll see but don’t hold your breath.





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