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By natashamiller

February 21, 2018

For a few months now, I have been trying my hand at maintaining a bullet journal. Now, if you do a basic internet/Instagram/Pinterest search, you’re going to find beautiful works of art that could leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. This was initially how I felt. But I stuck to basic bullet journaling (there’s a community for that) which helped me keep track of everything associated with the move. It didn’t do much to alleviate stress but it got my thoughts and to dos down on the page.

Lately though, I’ve started getting more creative. I am wanting to do and add more to my journal but don’t feel I have the necessary skills. I am following some amazing and talented journaling artists on Instagram and have been finding that I am more motivated and inspired to improve my skills. As I browse the pictures and hashtags of The Doodle Planner, The Petite Planner, and Show Me Your Planner, I have found a whole supportive community. And I am LOVING it! So much so that I have joined 2 challenges: 21 Day Doodle Challenge and Show Me Your Drills.


21 Day Doodle Challenge


This challenge is free to join and is hosted by the Doodle Institute. After 5 minutes of browsing their website, I was blown away by what they do. They have created a business that incorporates doodling into every aspect of your life, business included. They have some pretty cool ideas and courses available. I am starting with the 21 Day Doodle Challenge. I will be posting my progress on Instagram so you can follow me to see how it goes. 2 Days in and it’s a little rocky but our family mantra is “Progress not Perfection”. (Some days I can almost convince myself this is true :P).

21 Day Doodle Challenge workbook and markers


Show Me Your Drills


This challenge is hosted by The Happy Ever Crafter. This woman has so much passion and enthusiasm for her craft, it’s contagious! Amazon Prime wasn’t fast enough delivering my pens and paper!

For this challenge you work on your modern calligraphy skills. The first part of this course is working on your calligraphy drills. You are essentially working on muscle memory to get the skills down pat. Best part: it’s not based on her writing and “frills”. It is just basic and we get to learn to add our own frills later. When you sign up you also join a Facebook Group where you can celebrate and commiserate with fellow students. This course is a free to join but in order to keep the community at the same pace, she only offers this course twice a year. Again, if you’d like to follow along, please check out my Instagram page.

Pens, and tracing paper


My pens and paper finally arrived today so if you need me, I’ll be over here doodling and doing my calligraphy drills to my heart’s content. Please send my husband and son some takeout :P.




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