Starting the body of the cardigan

Project: Craftsy Zoey Cardigan Crochet Kit

By natashamiller

February 21, 2018

Craftsy Collections Crochet Project

Zoey Cardigan Pattern PictureI totally get sucked in by click bait. This was click bait. This Craftsy link showed up on my Facebook feed. The Zoey Cardigan Crochet Kit looked fairly easy and, because it’s a kit, it came with the yarn (100% acrylic) and the pattern. I also ordered the yarn needles and crochet hook off the website (at a reasonable price to boot).  So I set up an account and clicked the purchase button. Less than a week later, the materials showed up and I was ready to go.

The pattern says it is for beginners and has the same measurements for small, medium and large. There are additional directions/stitches for extra large. The beginners rating is fair – the stitches are simple – and the sizing is okay. I am a medium to large in most sweaters and cardigans and this fits a little small for my liking. The length is excellent though. I am tall and was concerned about the length.

Now, from past failures experience, I took some time to read and understand the pattern. There were a few directions that I didn’t understand but I thought I’d figure it out when I got there. For the most part, this was a good strategy.

Let’s begin.

The first step is to crochet the ribbing. Super straight forward and easy to understand. It just took a while as it is quite a few rows. I

struggled with the first couple of rows of the actual sweater but that was more user error than the pattern.

The body took a few days to complete. I was only working on it a couple hours a day so it took longer than it could have. Crocheting the fronts and back was very simple. Once the body and sides are complete, you sew the front sides to the back. There is only one seam in the shoulders. Otherwise, it is seam free.

Starting the body of the cardigan
Starting work on the body of the cardigan. Fairly quick and easy as the pattern repeats itself.


Final steps

Oh man! This is where the pattern lost a bit of specificity. The next step: “Neck Ribbing”. I took this to mean only creating ribbing for the neck. This was wrong. The ribbing starts on the one side and you work your way around to the other – back and forth. There is an error in the pattern too but it has to do with the amount of rows of ribbing. I picked my own. I did about 1 or 2 less rows than specified by the pattern. Word of warning – pay close attention to the single crochet stitches vs the double! I did too many single crochets and ended up with a frilly collar and I was peed! Undid everything and tried again. It worked out better the second time but if I were to do this again, I would err on the side of less stitches.

Next up was the sleeves. I mean, it was fairly reasonable to understand. Fairly straightforward and quick to do. After all of my issues with the ribbing, I was ready to be done!

Completed Cardigan

Overall, the project turned out better than I expected (considering I made it) and I look forward to wearing it. We have a couple of trips to more moderate climates (San Fran and Vancouver, BC)  planned for the fall so I am hoping to wear this underneath my jacket for a bit more warmth.

I feel like this pattern could be adapted into other sweaters as well. Similar concept but with different stitches. I was drawn to this pattern as it was similar to a sweater I had seen at Anthropologie but didn’t want to pay $160 for. This cost me a grand total of $30 plus time. I think it was well worth it and satisfying to complete. I will be clicking on more Craftsy click bait for sure!

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