Prime Surprise Sweets

My Life Hack: Prime Surprise Sweets

By natashamiller

February 21, 2018

Decadent Treats Delivered to Your Door

One time $4.00 charge for the button that gets deducted from first order.

Oh man! When I saw the Prime Surprise Sweets button show up on an Amazon banner, I immediately clicked it! I LOVE sweets! Candy, cookies, cake – I don’t discriminate. So this is right up my alley. It didn’t help that my son saw the ad too and got excited when I did.

So you have to be a Prime member to take advantage of the deal. If you have any food allergies or intolerance, or clean/vegan lifestyles, this is not for you! I mean, I’ve only ordered one box so far but it was ALL decadent and not allergy friendly. It doesn’t advertise as allergy friendly either. Maybe as the program grows, who knows! It’s Amazon though so keep an eye on it?!

Down the Rabbit Hole.

The button is $4.00 which ships in 2 days (remember, you have to be a prime member). This $4.00 is deducted from the $18.00 cost of the first box you order. They source all the goodies from around the US calling on small bakeries and chocolatiers to fill the box.

So backing up, once the button arrives, you set it up through your app. It links via Bluetooth to your Amazon account on your phone. Super simple! I had my son push the button and it turns out that you have to push the button twice. The first time you push it, you’re greeted by a red light. The second time you push it, it flashes green. This was my first experience with the dash button and I was happy. I’m not going to have random sweet surprises showing up at me door every once and while without my knowledge.

The Grand Arrival.

This is my biggest issue with this box. It takes TWO days! So when my son is having a toddler moment and I push this button to get some relief (in the form of sugar and calories), it takes two days. Anyway, two days later you have a perfectly packed Prime Surprise Sweets waiting at your door.

Our box had pink lemonade cookies (tastes as you would imagine), a decadent salted caramel brownie, a fantastic whoopee pie, and a phenomenal corn bread-type banana bread with caramel and chocolate sauce. The box is as advertised! Worth the $18? Well, as I mentioned earlier, I love trying new and unusual sweets and baking so I was satisfied. I won’t be taking advantage of this too often (from a calorie and healthy eating stand point), but it’s definitely something I’ll keep in my back pocket from fun/novelty for friends stand point. And, let’s be serious, it’s definitely a coping mechanism for the really hard stay-at-home-mom days! It’s all about balance right?!

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