Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes

By natashamiller

February 21, 2018

AKA Coolest thing we’ve done for our son so far

As part of our “experience as much as possible” mantra, we went to see Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes. Our son just LOVES his superheroes so we thought this would be fun. We’d gone to see Peppa Pig Live in the past and we left by intermission. He just hated it. Maybe he was too young to understand or it was too loud, I wasn’t sure. So this time around, I purchased ear muffs to try and help him cope with the noise. We were ready to go!

Pre-Show Activities

We showed up very early. I feel it helps him cope better with the crowds: have them grow around him vs try and amalgamate into them. This seemed to work and double bonus, we were able to take advantage of some of the booths: photo booths, face painting, food, and the best part (for a kid) spinning, flashing, noise making toys. We had our picture taken at the booth and it was excellent. They have props against a green screen where they add more heroes. He loved it!

Next up: the program. Hologram images on the front and back as well as a special edition comic book, a prequel to the show. The program also contains the story of the show as well as character bios (which is great because he keeps asking who the new-to-him characters are). If we can keep him from destroying it, we can keep this to remind him of how much fun he had.

Marvel Universe Live Program and Comic Book.

The Show Begins

 Spiderman shaved ice cup and straw/spoonAfter purchasing our toy, food, drinks, shaved ice in a Spiderman cup, etc. we found our seats for the show. Our son started watching with his ear muffs on but couldn’t hear us tell him who the characters were, so he ditched them. It didn’t matter in the end. He loved the show! Literally on the edge of his seat the entire time! There was a segment of the show where they showcased a Chinese festival with dancing dragons and he thought those were really cool.

Overall, it was fantastic! The volume wasn’t too loud (considering this was the SAP Center in San Jose), the pyrotechnics were well executed, and no matter where you looked, there was something to see. Given it was superheroes, it was fairly family friendly. The stunts were great and the play fighting was well done.

After a brief intermission, the little trooper started getting restless and I thought we were going to have to make a hasty exit, but he sat on my lap and continued the show. There was just one segment that scared him a little with regards to the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Collectors oddities.  There were alien monsters chasing the heroes but he took it all in his stride.


All Good Things Come to an End

As the show drew to a close, he turned to me and asked for more. He wanted to watch it again. Tears erupted and desperate pleas for more ensured but we managed to get him out without too much of a fight. The funniest part for my husband and I was the last ditch attempt to wrangle another $5 out of us as we exited. Another toy that we had not seen for sale inside the arena. We rolled our eyes and ran on by.

On our way home he struggled to stay awake but managed to catch a few minutes of recharge. This proved problematic for us since we were still exhausted but he wanted us to play and re-enact the show. Its two days later and we are still playing superheroes!

All in all we thought this was a fantastic experience and really well done! Pretty much what you’ve come to expect from Marvel. We think this experience bodes well for our Disney Land adventure in March next year!

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