Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets

Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets: 2nd Time Around

By natashamiller

February 21, 2018

Last week we received another Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets order. This was not planned but rather, a very rare case of “I told you so” that belongs to my husband.

When I first signed up for the Sweet Surprise dash button, my husband asked, what if our toddler gets a hold of it. No worries, I said. You have to press the button twice, I said. I’ll keep it out of his reach, I said. Well… I failed! He got a hold of the button and next thing I knew, we had a shipment notification.

Looking back at that week, it may not have been so much an accident, but rather a cry for help from my son. We had been fighting 3 different colds over the 2 weeks so I was at my wits end. Although he was sick, he still managed to maintain his incredibly spirited, rambunctious, and just generally wild demeanor. Except now with triple the whining ability! So when I saw the shipment notice I sighed and thought, at least I’d have some treats to get me through the week.

What’s in the box?


This being our second surprise box, we had a better idea of what to expect. We really liked what the first box had to offer, so how could the second box disappoint?!

Well, as mentioned before, I love sweets and treats, but who in their right mind puts raisins in biscotti?! I’m not a biscotti connoisseur by any means but I have never seen this nor care to again. The worst part is they advertised their other flavours on the side of the box. So now I’m doubly mad because I hate raisins and I’m fully aware of what I’m missing out on. The plus side: they’re individually wrapped so when you give them away, they won’t be stale.

Surprise Sweets goodies inside

Everything else was fantastic! A Belgian waffle, some soft caramels that are creamy and delicious (I love caramels), and a fancy pants rice krispie treat which I am selling very short. It’s a perfect combination of puffed marsh mellow and crisped rice. I love marsh mellow so this was right up my alley.


To be honest, we are still working on the lemonade cookies from last time so it may be a while before we order a surprise box again. I have made sure of that my putting the dash button on a higher shelf out of everyone’s way!


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