A Visit to Bounce-a-Rama

By natashamiller

February 21, 2018

After a boring morning of errands, we headed out to Bounce-a-Rama in Milipitas in the afternoon. Armed with a Groupon voucher for 1 pass to the bounce houses as well as 80 tokens to play in the arcade, we were ready for our second visit. Since this was our second time, I guess I’m being a bit more critical but this second time around wasn’t quite as much fun.

Here are three things you need to know:


  1. Patience is a MUST

The word chaotic doesn’t quite capture the entire picture of Bounce-a-Rama. There are kids EVERYWHERE. Majority of them, hopped up on sugar from the various birthday parties. Those not attending any parties seemed to get a contact high. So pretty much every kid is pushing and running and just generally out of control. It’s probably the only place where the words “wait your turn” are uttered/yelled/pleaded more so than “no” and “don’t”. There were a couple of times where kids were pushing in front of other kids maybe even without realizing. I gently pointed out they were cutting line and they just ran to the back of the line. This place is a prime example of the concept “it takes a village to raise a child”. I know if my little guy was older, he may just be too excited to realize himself, so a parent gently reminding him or pointing to the back of the line would be appreciated.

This was consistent with our first visit as well as this second one. We were maybe more patient this time around because we knew what to expect. I will say that all the kids there that day were pretty reasonable and well-behaved (considering the environment and the sugar).


  1. Baby wipes and hand sanitizer are a MUST

All I can say is gross! Kids and any adults accompanying their little ones on the bigger houses are required to wear socks. So that’s a plus. But, again, the amount of sugar, excitement levels, and the general vertigo-inducing aspect of a bounce house, accidents do happen. We definitely saw staff having to clean up small piles of vomit here and there. You also hope that kids are fairly well toilet trained before they go without pull ups but again, excitement and the inability to stop when it’s fun, again, accidents happen.

I’m not saying that the place is dirty. But realistically, bring wipes and hand sanitizer just in case. It’s important to prepare for these accidents. They happen VERY quickly.


  1. The arcade isn’t all that great

So the first time we went, we had a blast at the arcade. This was also before we went to Santa Cruz Boardwalk. This time around however, majority of the arcade games were broken. Some weren’t even on, others would take your tokens and do nothing, and others wouldn’t spit out tickets. It was extremely frustrating but I tried to just ignore it. We do not need more arcade junk in our house. I just felt bad for the little kids that weren’t getting value for their money.

Bounce-a-Rama Slide

So all in all we had fun. The staff are friendly and helpful. We have never eaten any food there (there’s an Olive Garden in the same complex), so we can’t say anything about that. But overall, it is a fun place. Especially the bounce houses. The little guy was ready to go by the time we were which was great. But if you don’t have to fight a toddler to leave, I feel like that says a lot too. We probably won’t go back before we move again. There are a couple of other bounce house places to go if we feel the need.

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